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Wenn man wegen der Coronakrise die ganze Zeit zu Hause bleiben muss, können Nachmittage sehr lang werden. Doch oft bieten solche Nachmittage auch die Gelegenheit, über unsere Welt, unser Leben und unsere Gesellschaft nachzudenken.
Manchmal gelingt es uns, diese Gedanken in Worte zu fassen und aus ihnen einen Text zu formen.
So sind einige Texte zum Klimawandel und was in Zukunft sein wird oder kann entstanden.
Die Klimakrise ist ein komplexes Problem - nicht nur für unsere Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft,- aber auch für die menschlichen Vorstellung. Mit solchen Texten können wir uns die Änderungen, die in der Zukunft passieren werden, besser vorstellen.

Willst du auch ein Klimatext schreiben? Verfasse einen kurzen Text (ca. 1 A4-Seite) zum Thema Klima, Leute und Gesellschaft und schick es auf: klimabewegungbasel@gmail.com

Der Text "At the Crossroad in the Pandemic Covid-19" stammt von Donald Woods, einen aktiven Teilnehmer der Klimabewegung:

Here we are at the crossroads of human evolution. For a moment, as we look at the inescapable danger to segments of our species, we are the nearest to a universal collective mind that humanity has ever seen. The freedom from hunger and poverty that globalization promised has shown an ugly side of itself. Transportation of contagious disease.

 We have had the harbinger of invasive species, at times consciously transporting them along with us trying to make what we consider an improvement and at times the unnoticed hitchhiker in a shipping crate. That we have been the cause of an acceleration in their spread around the world is undeniable.

 Now it is our own bodies that are carrying a virus from city to city, house to house.  This is not the first time this has happened, but it is the first time that one so dangerous spread so quickly around the world. The analogy of a Petri dish full of cells becoming overcrowded so that their excrement poisons them, doesn’t fit.  This is the contamination of one Petri dish leaping to the next. Us jumping on an airplane flying from Nepal to London carrying home a highly infective virus.

 The whole world is engaged in the battle against this virus, Covid-19. The foot-soldiers in this battle, the medical professionals are being supported by just about everyone. The cashiers, who are the focal point of the supply chain, also have a lot of exposure. The list goes on, while the opposition of a few weeks ago join the collective as denial is no longer possible.

This pandemic, of course, will pass. The question is: Where do we go from here?

Will we strive for business as usual and get back to promoting the system of consuming the world’s resources for individual gratification? Or, will we declare ourselves as “a collective tribe” and set a course to limit the damage we are capable of doing to the environment and ourselves?

If you live in a city go out and smell the air it may help you decide.

- Donald Woods am 29.03.2020

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